Commercial Vehicle Size Paint Spray Booths (3), Krone 15T (2 x 7.5t) x 19m Span, Smiths 20T x 16m Span Overhead Cranes, Portal Frame Buildings: Up to 10,000 sqm, 600kg Capacity Vacuum Sheet Lifter, Atlas Copco & Other Compressors, Interwood Press, Wadkin Bandsaw, etc...

See separate Sections for other Equipment - Call us for details if you can't see what You Want

Special Purchase:

Agricultural Supplies - BUY NOW

Limited, 'One-off' Stock All Prices +VAT

Grainstore Bug Pits (Traps) Pack of 10 for £20

Moldex Respirator Masks £25  Spare Cartridges £5 / Pr

Nitrile Gloves (Blue) £10 for 10 Prs

Hurricane Chromed Leather Staple Palm Gloves £5 / Pr - Large/XLarge only

Flexi Leather, Cotton Lined Gloves £2 / Pr - Small or Large/Med

Hurricane Parlour Suits   £15

(Jkt & Trousers) Small, Medium, Large & XL

Wet Suits PVC  £8

(Jkt & Trousers) Medium Only

Unipred  Hot Wash, Disinfectant / Milkstone Remover

22 L £50    60 L £140    220 L £420

Acid Clean  Machine & Tank Cleaner  25 L £15

Delex H  Lo Foam Pipeline Sanitiser   200 L  £110

Deosan D20 Detergent Sanitiser  20L  £20

Powerfoam   20 L  £50

Prefoam  Pre-milk Foaming Teat Dip    22 L  £30

PrePost   Pre & Post Milking Teat Dip  60 L  £65

Virolac  Coloured Post Milking Barrier Teat Dip with Aloe Vera  60 L  £80

Filmadine Coloured Post Milking Barrier Teat Dip 25 L £35

Thixodip  Teat Dip  20 L  £40

D5 Iodine   Teat Spray Concentrate   22 L  £40

Sterilite White Disinfectant   400: 1 Dilution    25 L £55

Iodel FD    Disinfectant   5 L  £12

E-mail us for details on :


Raddle, Crayons, Powder, Marking Fluid, Paracide Drum Pump, Sheep Mat, Lambing Aids, Co-Secure Boluses, Bolus, Drenching Pour-On, Veticop 2ml & Simcro injecting Guns, Ear Tag applicators, etc...


Cow Slips, Aspirators, De-horner 15mm Elec, Gas de-horning Spares, Anti Milk Suckling Plates, Digital Bulk tank Thermometers, various Bolus, Drenching Pour-On & Simcro injecting Guns, Ear Tag applicators, 60 ml Syringes, 6mm Suture Tape, Tail Tape, etc...


Pig Marker Aerosols, Tattoo Paste, Nose Rings, Glucose Powder, Epsom Salts, Linseed Oil, Glycerine, Gun & Rifle Grease, Cleaner, Kimberley Clark Disposable Overalls, Phosyn Pasture Topper, Barenbrug & Other Grass Seeds

Herbicides, Pesticides & Disinfectants, Garden Tools, Pruning Attachments, Scythe Blades, Trowels, Forks,  Ant, Slug & Bug Killer Sprays, etc..

- NEW Ceramic Floor Tiles, Rosso colour - Terrazo type by Dolmen Italy  non-porous, non-slip, very hardwearing

Artificial Grass: Assorted types and colours from £5 / m2

105mm Self Tapping Composite Panel Hi Thread 'Tek' Screws

NEW BOLTS: Roofing (M5-M8), Cup Square (M4-M12) Coach (M4) & Others

Set Screws (1/4 & 5/16 UNF), Counter Sunk, Phillips, Tri-Head, Thumb & Others

For a list e-mail : or Tel: 01663 734221

PROPERTY                                               TO LET Storage Compounds

Up to 35 Acres/14 Ha with Buildings up to 140,000 sq ft / 13,000 sq m

In Aberdeen, Bangor (WALES), Congleton, Gloucester, Immingham (with Rail Link on site) & Scunthorpe

Prestigious Country Estate Mansion House - Shooting Grounds available - Central Scotland / Edinburgh Commuter

For further details please contact us:     Tel: +44 (0) 1663 734221

Please contact us for more details: e-mail: or Tel: +44 (0) 1663 734221



Established in 1990, Ascott Clark, Engineering & Management Consultants, is a consortium of 'hands-on' professionals.

We enable companies to overcome technical, strategic and organisational challenges. Quickly. And cost-effectively.
Broadly speaking, our services can be divided between the Proactive and the Reactive thus:

Proactive Services Include:

Reactive Services Include:

An initial consultation with Ascott Clark is free. Entirely. That gives us a chance to convince you, at our own cost, that
we're dab hands at solving problems. And, more importantly, that we can solve your problems. Quickly. Intelligently.

Ascott Clark offers a 'concept-to-completion' service which encompasses everything from a business or product setup
to business or machine disposals. In keeping with our avowed intention to provide constant and consistent service,
we're available 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

UK and worldwide. Ascott Clark is strategically placed in England with a satellite office in Scotland, so that we may
easily serve our UK and overseas clientele.

Ascott Clark Tel: +44 (0) 1663 734221